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In today's digital world having a website for your business have never been more important because the way that people are looking for a business such as yours has changed. Gone are the days where people would look up the famous coloured telephone directory instead many are now turning to the internet to search for a business. However despite living in a digital age where consumers' first point of call to look for a business such as yours is the internet, almost 2 million SME businesses do not have a website. It is therefore clear that businesses can no longer ignore the importance of going digital and having a website for their business as they run the risk of losing out to their competitors who have taken the steps to go digital and a website for their business.

However having a website professionally designed can often be seen by many businesses as a cost they cannot afford despite understanding the importance of having a website for their business and many turn to designing their own website as it can appear this is a more affordable option. But here at Alba Website and Marketing Solutions we have shown many businesses that in fact this is a common misconception and it can work out not just better value by having a website professionally designed for them it can also ensure they are fully compliant with the labyrinth of legal obligations they must adhere to by having a website.

Utilising our many years' of experience, our creative team at Alba Website and Marketing Solutions have the flair, skill and dynamism to ensure not just that your business has a website but is also complying with the many legal obligations being online has. From a simple website to a complex online shop website our team will work with you to deliver a website that is not just creative but is also affordable and future proof so that your website can grow with your business.

To get in touch with our team to discuss your business website you can either contact us on 01383 308 017 or click on the following button to drop the team a message and we will be in touch with you for a chat.

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Our Web Design Process

Whilst no two businesses are the same and thus no two websites are the same what is is the steps we take with each client for any website design project. However before jumping into the design we have a set of steps we undertake to allow us both to have a clear idea about the website your business is looking for, the type of users it will target and how you can do a better job of serving its purpose compared to your competitors
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Strategy Meeting

Our first meeting is perhaps the most important meeting and this is our strategy meeting. The main areas that we will discuss with you during our first meeting are as follows:

  • Your overall goal for the website, what you are looking to achieve from the website for your business? However if you have a current website why are you looking to have this redesigned?
  • Who is your target audience for your website? This is really important because it's all fine and well having a website but it's of little use if it doesn't appeal to your target audience and therefore the website fails to deliver on your goals that you have.
  • Who are your main competitors? Have they overlooked anything on their website that perhaps could be a benefit to your website by having it?
  • Once your website is launched and live what ongoing support are you looking for? Such as online marketing or website updates?

Website Wireframe

Following our strategy meeting and depending on the project we may produce what is called a website wireframe, also known as a blueprint of your website. This is a simple black and white layout that outlines the specific size and placement of page elements, site features, conversion areas and navigation for your website.

They do not have any colours, font choices, logos or any real design elements that take away from purely focusing on a site's structure. This then ensures that your business website is focusing on the target market that was identified during our strategy meeting.

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Website Design and Development

Following on from our strategy meeting and if appropriate the website wireframe it's now time for us to start to bring the website to life. At this stage we will commence the actual development of your website and will involve the following:

  • The platform that your website will run on, in most cases we use the WordPress platform however if your website has any eCommerce elements we will implement your website on the most appropriate eCommerce platform on the information provided.
  • We will start to develop the page layouts with their respective functionalities, overall site colours and fonts based on your brands identity
  • Upload and apply the websites contents, images and your company logo.
  • Implement various security measures on your website such as the SSL Certificate and two tier authentication.

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Website Testing

Once we have completed the overall look and feel of the website and it has all the information required we then move to the testing of the website. This ensures that it's working across a range of platforms such as online and mobile devices, all the links within the website are working and going to the correct location.

These tests are especially important on eCommerce websites along with implementing the required elements for SEO and Social Media purposes and if your website is to include a latest news or blog section we will set up the categories that this section will need. Finally we will ensure that your website is fully compliant with the current legal requirements at the time of launching.

Website Launch

Once we have designed and developed your website it's time to prepare it for launching. At this stage we have a checklist of items that we will complete with you before the website handover to allow you to have a review and then once you are happy with this we will then perform some final technical checks on your website that will involve the following steps:

  • Running various technical and visual reports on the website to ensure that the website will perform to the project specifications.
  • Transferring the website from our development area to our main server so that it is accessible to the public if you wish for Alba Website and Marketing Solutions to host your website or packaging your website up ready for you to transfer this to another website hosting provider.
  • If appropriate providing you with some training on how to update the website once it is live.
  • And also setting up any authorised users that you wish to have access to the administration side of your website.

Website Aftercare

During our first meeting we would have discussed why it is important to have a maintenance strategy in place for your website once it has launched and in the public domain. Following your website going live we will have a further discussion with you about the aftercare options Alba Website and Marketing Solutions can provide for your website to ensure that it is always updated to reflect the most recent information about your company and its services, and that your website has a solid security strategy in place with regular updates to the software that your website operates on this is equally important.

We will also discuss with you, your digital marketing strategy and your budget for your website and explain why SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an important ongoing service you should consider having on your website to increase its visibility on search engine results when members of the public are searching online for businesses like yours.

Our Website Design & Development Showcase

To request a design meeting with our team you can either call us on 07342 945 080 or click on the following button to send the team a message.